Dissing Suzy Kolber

I'd like to start this off by saying I really enjoy Suzy Kolber's sideline work.  She's insightful and entertaining, and hey, she's kind of attractive, too.  In all honesty, you might have a shot at her as long as you don't come off as a drunken fool.

Kolber will always be remembered for dodging the unrequited love of Hall of Fame Jets QB Joe Namath, but she should get major props for chasing down Tom Brady -- who obviously did not want to do a post game interview.


Maybe he was given a gag order by Bill Belichick.  Maybe his gorgeous supermodel wife has put the clamps down on him talking to other girls.  Maybe he was trying to leave as quickly as possible so he could go home and see said supermodel wife.  No matter the case, Kolber eventually got Giselle's her man and Brady spoke.

Oh, and his leg looked fine.  Especially on those touchdown tosses to Benjamin Watson, who I will be scrambling to add to my fantasy team right away.  Brady has quietly won 18-straight regular season games.  And somewhere, Matt Cassel is hanging out in Kansas City, injured, but likely enjoying some awesome BBQ.

So, the question of the day is whether or not Brady should have stopped and given Kolber the time of day.  Trust me, I know the media can be a nusiance to some of these players -- especially when they get brainwashed by Belichick. But what's the harm of giving a sideline reporter a little bit (but not too much) of your undivided attention.

We all know Broadway Joe would have done at least that.