POLL: Bigger Disappointment: Jay Cutler Or Your Fantasy Team?

Alright, so Jay Cutler threw four interceptions in the Bears' opening night in Green Bay.  So, what?  Chicago still has 15 more games to go.  Plenty of time to make sure that Rex Grossman didn't show up to Lambeau Field wearing a white No. 6 jersey.

Cutler threw for 277 yards despite the four picks.  Don't get me wrong, the four picks won't fly when the Bears host the defending world champs next week, but imagine what he will be capable of when Detroit comes rolling into town in Week 4.

Then there's your fantasy team.  And by "your" fantasy team, I mean mine.

Marques Colston and Frank Gore were spared single-digit scoring games thanks to touchdown scores.  Willie Parker might as well have been running backward for the Steelers, and Brett Favre needs to find Vinsanthe Schiancoe for some touchdowns.  If it wasn't for Favre, no one would have even known Mark Chmura existed.  Well, except for his babysitter.  Then there was T.J.H.'s forgettable debut in Seattle.  Matt Hasselbeck throws three touchdowns (in a win) and you don't catch one of them?  That's what I call disappointment.

I really do not want to have to rely on Kevin Smith (not that guy), Vernon Davis, Felix Jones and Donald Driver to carry me to a fantasy championshp, so I'm hoping my fantasy (and reality) team get it together.  And fast.

  • Cutler! He stunk.
  • My fantasy team! They stunk.
  • Luda's fantasy team! Luda's just a dumb drafter.