Ricky Rubio Isn't Coming To America

Much will be said and even more will be written about Ricky Rubio dissing the U.S. and the NBA to continue his antics in Spain.  NBA experts and analysts will waste precious oxygen debating the topic, while columnists will waste precious column inches on the topic.

But here's the long and the short of it.

David Kahn is dumb for drafting 5,752 point guards in last June's NBA draft.  Kahn is dumber for drafting a point guard who wanted no part of a place like Minnesota.  Instead, he wanted glitz and glamour that came with a big market franchise.  Sounds like a 19-year-old kid making requests that any 19-year-old kid would make.  Heck, at 19, I wanted a sports writing job in Chicago.  And while there are some who contend that at the age of 23, I am better than Jay Mariotti or Phil Rogers, at a young age, I was ambitious/naiive enough to think that is where I belonged.

As Ricky Rubio, kid's a punk.  Brandon Jennings basically called him a fraud, and I'll side with him.  On highlight films, Rubio looks like he's a can't-miss prospect.  That's the thing about highlight videos -- they're supposed to make you look that good.  If you've got a highlight video that doesn't "wow" the average eyeball, then you and your representative are failing you.

Rubio has proven nothing beyond being a watered-down Spanish version of Jason Williams.  (No, not that guy.)  And through today, Kahn has proven to be nothing more than an inept man whose basketball decision-making skills make Timberwolves fans wish Kevin McHale was still in charge.