Cutler-To-Knox: It's Not Montana-To-Rice Just Yet, But It Will Do For Now

After acquiring Jay Cutler, it would have been safe to assume one of his favorite targets upon arrival to Chicago was going to be former Vanderbilt teammate Earl Bennett.  According to billboard material, Devin Hester could have found himself as a likely candidate as well.  Then, training camp came along and Greg Olson became Cutler's go-to-guy.

So, where the hell did Johnny Knox come from?

Not to be confused with MTV's Johnny Knoxville, Knox is a rookie receiver from Abilene Christian, a Division II school that even your favorite former college football beat writer did not even know existed.  He currently leads the Bears in receiving yards (152) and is second on the team with eight catches. 

His big game against the defending Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers has made him the talk of the town.  He's drawn favorable comparisons to Broncos wideout Eddie Royal, who had himself quite a year receiving passes from Cutler opposite of Brandon Marshall.

Royal Knox has been the toast of the Chicago media since Sunday.  His speed has made him an instant star as he opened the door when opportunity Knox'd.  He's also cured Chicago's cases of swine flu Milton Bradley syndrome.

Is there anything the speedy dynamo can't do?  Will he single-handedly bring the 2016 Olympics to Chicago?  Can he balance the state budget during a time out?  How about saving the economy during halftime?

In either case, what the Bears do not have in talent they seem to have made up with depth and versatility.  If Ron Turner would like to turn in his high school playbook for one that the pros use, he could choose among myriad options.  Hester and Bennett can go long.  Olsen and Desmond Clark can work the middle of the field.  And Knox can do anything and everything if he so pleases.

For his next trick, Knox will attempt to make plays while doing the following in Seattle against the Seahawks.
  • Making a triple-mocha latte at Starbucks
  • Putting the finishing touches on a bid to revive the Seattle SuperSonics
  • Playing as the front man in a Nirvana cover band
  • Trying to find out what exactly is a Seattle Sounder
And if Knox can live up to the hype the Chicago media has put on his shoulders, he might even find a cure for the PC guy while having lunch with Bill Gates.