POLL: Sam Bradford vs. Richard Seymour: Who's Got It Worse?

Overheard in Oklahoma: "Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!"

Seeing Sam Bradford on the sidelines with a sling on his arm is Exhibit A on why he should have left college last season.

He won't repeat as Heisman winner, and if he declares for the draft, he won't be nearly as highly sought after as he was/would have been had he come out last year.  The Oklahoma QB came back to school to try to make history, win another Heisman trophy and possibly compete for a national championship.  Oh yeah, and get that degree in whatever field he'll go pro in after sports.

The bad news is that Bradford by passed millions upon millions of dollars only to see himself get injured in the first game of the season.  The good news is that he doesn't have to play for the Detroit Lions.

On the other hand, there's Richard Seymour, who was traded from one of football's best franchises to the league's absolute worst.  The New England Patriots dealt the star defensive lineman to the Oakland Raiders for a 2011 first-round pick.

But if it's any consolation, the 2011 pick will likely be in the top-10, if not better.  It's the Raiders, they'll continue to fall.  Trust me.

Seymour probably isn't smiling any more after being shipped to Oakland.

It's a head scratcher at first as the Pats deal away one of their best defenders to cap an offseason that saw Mike Vrabel traded and Tedy Bruschi retire -- only one season after losing cornerback Asante Samuel to the Philadelphia Eagles.  Seymour's presence made New England's defense good, but not great.

But If I was a Pats fan, I'd pray for Tom Brady's health on a nightly basis because it's all on his shoulders as New England games will likely feature some Madden-esque scores when it's all said and done.

  • Bradford! He blew a chance at millions.
  • Seymour! He has to play in Oakland.
  • Both!
  • Neither! Nationals fans have it the worse.


rakeback said...

Richard Seymour has it much worse, because he is trapped in Oakland for at least this season, whereas Sam Bradford could still play his way to the National Championship game if things fall right.