Pardon The Interruption For A Dwyane Wade Quote About The Greatest City In The World

If not for Jay Cutler, I would be counting down the days until July 1, 2010, thus bypassing the football, basketball, hockey and nearly half of the baseball seasons.

OK, I wouldn't ignore the Chicago sports scene that much, but there is something to be said when Chicago basketball fans are more excited about the potential about the prospects of Summer 2010 than they are of the prospects of the entire 2009 season.  I guess that's what happens when you lose your leading scorer to a division rival and replace him with Jannero Pargo.

And while most people will have their eye on LeBron James, Bulls fans will have their attention squarely on Dwyane Wade in hopes to land the all-Chicago backcourt of D-Wade and D-Rose.

Chicago Sun-Times Sports Prose has a nice piece on the guard and his foundation.  It's a good read you should check out after you read the whole pull quote thing and my reactions.  Wade currently collects paychecks from the Miami Heat, but by the sound of this quote, this might be the last year Pat Riley will be signing his paycheck.

"Chicago, as I get older, I appreciate it more and more," Wade said. "For what it did for me, even though a lot of things looked dark. If it wasn't for my upbringing in Chicago, I don't know if I'd be the person that I am today." 

It seems like an innocent comment from a Chicago guy who loves his home town.  But in my eyes, it looks as if the lead is buried.  Take it from me, a life-long Chicagoan currently residing in southern Illinois after five years at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.  I give the "I appreciate Chicago more that I'm gone than I did while I was there" speech to my friends all the time.  I go home whenever I get a chance.  Whether it's my family, friends, food or other great aspects of the big city ... homesickness sets in once in a while.

But unlike yours truly, Wade gets to reside near South Beach and partake in a nightlife that is not highlighted by basement parties and beer pong.  And, truth be told, he could afford to take a trip to Chicago on a moment's notice and who's going to stop him?  Not that phat paycheck he collects yearly, that's for sure.

And if he comes to Chicago in 2010, Wade won't have to travel nearly as far to get himself a home-cooked meal.