Carlos Arroyo To Sign With Bulls? Does Reinsdorf Know He Owns A Hoops Squad Too? (UPDATE!)

UPDATE: It appears that it's all a fabrication from Arroyo's agent.  But it doesn't surprise me that it would take the efforts of three guys to drum up as much production as one Derrick Rose.

Jerry Reinsdorf isn't poor.  He is the principal owner of a professional baseball team and a professional basketball team in the third largest media market in the country.

He recently pulled out on a bid to buy an entire NHL franchise -- but couldn't pull off a deal to re-sign his basketball team's leading scorer.

But it's OK -- the Bulls are on the verge of signing Carlos Arroyo to team with Jannero Pargo, who signed earlier in the off-season.

Derrick Rose will win plenty of games for the Bulls, but because of a weak supporting cast, the Bulls will be lucky to be .500.

Thanks, Jerry.