The Weekender: Now With Teasers!

The Weekender is a blog with links to things you should read while I'm spending time away from my computer.  Joining the links after the jump ... back by popular demand ... the picture of a pretty girl.  And no, I'm not joking this week.

See, I told you so. (Photo via)

  • You know you're old when some of the girls you talk to on the college campus are 90s babies.  Back then, I was probably kickin' it to these joints while you got pushed in a stroller.
  • And for those of you chillin' on campus, these are the majors you need to be avoiding.  Take note that journalism isn't one of them.  Score one for the good guys.
  • zOMG! Mike Martz is soooo jealous of his friend Lovie Smith's new plaything.
  • Mike Huckabee says journalism is dead...
  • ...and that makes Joe Paterno sad.
  • But there are jobs to be had!
  • This guy had a great job, but after 37 years is saying adios to the Reds' beat writing gig.
  • Steve Smith doesn't like his quarterback.
  • The guys who inspired this blog the most reunited at Deadspin.  But now that they're gone, the Internet is a worse place.  Sad day.  Read ALL OF THESE!
Video Of The Week:

I'm outtie hasta luego!