Cutler vs. Orton Picking Up Steam After Week 4 Wins. Are Possibilities Endless?

At times, I find myself peeking on the status of Kyle Orton as if he was an ex and as if his games are his Facebook status updates.  I really do not care what Orton does for the most part, because I'm happy with my new love interest quarterback, Jay Cutler.

Cutler, again, was better than good as he creeps toward being spectacular in the Chicago Bears' 48-24 win against the Detroit Lions.  He completed of 18 of 28 passes -- two of which went for touchdown scores.  One of said TD passes was a 4th-and-1 pitch-and-catch with tight end Greg Olson after Cutler also ran in for a 5-yard touchdown, flying through the air in way that resembled John Elway's Super Bowl scamper against the Green Bay Packers in 1998.

The 121 passing yards fall about 179 short of what I expected him to do, but in the end, it's about the wins right?

And that is exactly what people said about Kyle Orton's time in Chicago and what they're saying about his 4-0 start with the Denver Broncos.

For the second time this season, one of Orton's receivers turned an underthrown ball into a game-winning touchdown.  This time, it was Brandon Marshall, who came away with a pass intended for Dallas Cowboys cornerback Terrance Newman and ran it in 51 yards for a touchdown.  And unlike Cutler, Cowboys QB Tony Romo could not pull out a game-tying score as he continues to fail miserably and fall short of the lofty expectations laid at his feet by the mass media.

If there is such a thing as a group of "Football Gods," it seems as if they are sending the Bears and Broncos on a collision course that would culminate in a Super Bowl that will be filled with more drama than Eugene Robinson's night with a hooker cop.