Stereotype Continues To Plague Cubs Fans

Something called Spike TV ranked Chicago Cubs fans as the most annoying in all of sports.  Ranking ahead of Yankees, Knicks, Phillies, Red Wings and USC football fans -- none of whom made the list.  And also ahead of Duke fans, whose popped-collar image is right next to the definition of douchebaggery.

Among the reasons:

Spending every single offseason explaining why “this is going to be the year” they finally win their first World Series since Babe Ruth graduated the seventh grade is getting old. Clearly God hates you and it’s time to move on. It has literally been over 100 years since this team’s last championship, yet it feels much longer with the amount of time their fans have spent bitching about it. And what makes it worse is that they simply can’t accept that it might actually be due to the fact that they suck as a franchise.

So, let me get this straight?  Red Sox fans do it for 86 years and it's cute.  You can relate to them.  It made them endearing to them as they failed at their yearly plight to take down the evil Yankees.  The Cubs do it and they become kings of douche.

Wonderful double standard.  You can argue that Red Sox fans going from "oh pity me" to "bow before your master"  puts them in the catbird seat for the most annoying.

Yet, nothing says annoying douchebag like this haircut.