The Weekender: Happy Hollidays!

The Weekender is a blog with links to things you should read while spending time at your computer over the weekend while I'm spending time away from it.  Must read links after the jump.  Oh, and pretty girls, too.  This should make Matt Holliday's crotch feel a little better...

Oldie but goodie.
  • That Matt Holliday trade isn't looking so bad.
  • Neither is that Mark DeRosa trade, now that you mention it.  (Seriously, there's your A-Ram replacement at third)
  • The best thing about the white towels is that Adam Wainwright can cry into 'em after his team loses.
  • Is that Tony La Russa's baby picture?
  • Dating fail via TFLN.
  • Only in the crazy state of Florida.
  • M.C. Hammer advising you in regard to your money is like TLR advising Scott Spezio on his alcoholism.
  • Former co-worker and fellow blogger, Luke McCormick of Breakfast For The Block has got the new SIU theme for you Salukis out there.
  • Finally, a message from The Baller-In-Chief.


Then, this is probably how Cards fans felt last night.