The Weekender

The Weekender is a blog with links to things you should read while spending time at your computer over the weekend while I'm spending time away from it.  Must read links after the jump.  Oh, and pretty girls, too.(Today: A three-for-all because I'm so damn late)

Eva Mendes

Mariah Carey

Scarlett Johansson

  • A beautiful picture no one ever gets to see -- Wrigley Field in late October.
  • Not one, but two new favorite sites for you to waste your time on.
  • Jay Cutler's taste in music is similar to your 30-year-old sister's.
  • 10 most liked athletes -- where the baseball players at?

  • Layla Kiffin isn't posing for SI's Swimsuit Issue. Sucks for you.  Sucks worse for your boner.
  • And you thought R. Kelly's relationship with young girls was messed up, check out this guy who is marrying a 17-year-old.  Must have seen these ad's on Facebook.

  • Don Zimmer still hates Pedro Martinez.  And yet, no one cares about that whole deal anymore.