IOC Eliminates Chicago First (Update)

From the Chicago Tribune Web site's front page. It's like they took this picture at Wrigley Field in 2008, 2008, 2003, 1998, 1989, 1984, 1969, 1945...

In my eyes, the "presentation" must have looked like something straight out of a Second City improv.

Host: "OK, let's do some improv.  Shout out your suggestions, as usual.  Someone give me a baseball team."
Crowd Member 1: "2008 Chicago Cubs."
Host: "Did I hear 2008 Chicago Cubs? Alright, I need another team."
Crowd Member 2: "2008 Los Angeles Dodgers."
Host: "I like that.  Dodger blue.  Alright, give me an event.  A place."
Crowd Member 3: "The 2008 NLDS."
Crowd Member 4: "A pirate ship."
Host: "I like where this is going. Alright.  We've got the Cubs, Dodgers and the 2008 NLDS on a pirate ship.  Ready?  Set.  Go."

Portrayed on the stage is a group of "Cubs" being battered, bullied and pushed off the plank.

In the end, Chicago being eliminated first comes to a shock to some people pulling for the Windy City.  As a life-long Cubs fan, I say "meh."  I've been there before.