The Steve McNair Saga Just Won't Go Away

Steve McNair's death on the 4th of July has been an absolute mess.  CBS News further muddies the situation by doing some damn good investigative journalism as it was able to obtain cell phone records.  A little bit of research has gone a long way in my opinion.  Now, to clean up the rest of the mess.


Well.  Not quite.  I almost feel as if this is adding insult to injury -- as the old sports cliche would have it.  I'm sure McNair's surviving family members and friends want justice.  But at what cost?  Some have said that this ruins his legacy.  I would argue against that idea.

Sure, being a married man dating a 20something waitress while he's got a wife and kids at home is going to put a smudge on his life story.  However, no one can take away the positive things he brought to his community when he was alive.

Not even charges of adultery.