Bears Buzz: Damned In The Dome

Dave Kaplan used 97 words to describe Jay Cutler's on-field performance in Sunday night's 21-14 loss against the Atlanta Falcons.  He used 110 words to describe Cutler's post-game performance.

Yep.  It's going to be one of those kinds of Mondays in Chicago.

There might be nothing that annoys me more than annoyed members of the press.  How many times have we as fans heard media members complain about how a player or coach responds poorly to a loss?  In my eyes that's a good thing. 

As a fan, don't you want your players to be as ticked as you are after a defeat?  I do.  It shows a sense of accountability -- that what they do on the field is more than just something that pays the bills and garners groupie love.  Growing up in Santa Claus, Ind., Cutler was raised a Bears fan.  After learning that Josh McDaniels wanted to bring in his secret lover former quarterback in New England, Cutler bitched and moaned until he became a Bear.

Just like John Elway bitched and moaned his way out of Baltimore.  Just like Eli Manning whined his way out of San Diego and into New York.  (Seriously, Eli, WTF where you thinking?  San Diego had sunny weather, pretty girls and a healthy LT.  All for the sake of marketability. Really?  I digress.)  From now on, I don't want to hear anyone from the Chicago media complain about a player's post-game presser unless they say something offensive, fraudulent, explicit or so-damn-funny it needs to be on YouTube immediately.

If it doesn't fall under those categories, I don't want to hear Chicago's finest bitch and moan about someone bitching and moaning.

Want something to bitch about?  How about the running game?  Better yet, how about the lack of a running game?

Where have you gone Matt Forte?  One fumble all of last season, then to have two in one red zone drive hurts.  The first fumble was a slap to the face.  A wake up call that Forte is not an impenetrable force.  A reminder his hands were not made of Stick-Em.  The second fumble.  Well, that was like a kick in the nuts.

This is where it would be great if the Bears had a better than average back-up running back.  If anything, the NFL is a copy cat league, so I'm trying to figure out why the Bears haven't put used the copy and paste method on this ideology.  Each of the NFC's first place teams have a dynamic duo of backfield.

Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor in Minnesota.  Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw in New York.  Reggie Bush, Mike Bell and Pierre Thomas in New Orleans.  Frank Gore and Glen Coffee in San Francisco.

The Bears have Forte and ... "The Other" Adrian Peterson?  Garrett Wolfe?  Those names haven't excited anyone outside of Georgia Southern or Northern Illinois University upon graduating and moving on to the NFL.  Chicago could have selected Coffee in the third round, but instead went with the guy whose claim to fame is jumping out of a swimming pool. 

The career expectancy of a running back is short.  Forte's shelf life is probably going to take a hit because all the hits he takes.  Maybe a fresh tailback gets into the end zone on that leap to cross the goal line.

Maybe a better offensive line gets a push.

Just a thought.

The Bears defense played well.  Not well enough.  That touchdown pass from Matt Ryan to Tony Gonzalez was too easy.  How hard is it to cover a team's most dangerous red zone target?  Hard enough where there wasn't a single Bears defender in the 770 or 404 area codes on the play.  And where was the red zone "D" on Michael Turner's touchdown scamper.

Northern Illinois University can still bite a fat one as far as I'm concerned.  (Still bitter about being put on that waiting list even though I really always wanted to go to SIU.  I'll tell that story one day.)

Anyone know whether or not Gaines Adams is going to make the transition to linebacker because that is where the Bears truly need help.

In the end, this TBDS Tweet said it all.

I think you get the picture.