Rose-Beasley Debate Silenced By Debut

2008 NBA Draft
The Chicago Bulls lucked into the No. 1 overall pick and one of the greatest debates in Chicago sports history.

The great debate pitted Derrick Rose and Michael Beasley against each other. Both players brought something special to the table, but the Bulls could only choose one.

And no matter what Beasley does in his playoff debut later today, there will be a segment of fans that believe the Bulls made the right choice with Rose.

I am a part of that group.

Rose has transcended the look of this team. And while Rose joined an already overcrowded backcourt, he proved to be the best of the group of guards that entered the season in Bulls uniforms. With the way he has taken over the point guard position, Rose has basically used his pimp hand to put everyone in their respective roles.

Kirk Hinrich was once pegged to be the next Steve Nash before an injury-riddled 2007-08 season sent him to an afterthought. However, Hinrich found his nitch as a back-up combo guard with ball-handling skills and the ability to make open jump shots.

Ben Gordon solidified his role as a mini Vinny "The Microwave" Johnson. BG7 lit up defenses as he benefitted from having a point guard that can set him up off the bounce or off a screen.

Did you see what Joakim Noah and Tyrus Thomas were able to do when Rose was feeding them they alley while they threw down the oops? Noah and Thomas should be playing high-pace, high-energy basketball. And that's the kind of match-up problem some teams, no matter how talented, have trouble defending.

So thank Vinny Del Negro for bringing the Phoenix Suns-lite offense into Chicago. (Thought I'd never say that). And thank the Bulls for selecting Rose over Beasley.