Methinks Will Leitch just got Dirty Thirty'd

I'm sure Mr. Leitch does not read this blog, but if anyone should read anything on this site for comical purposes, it's the Dirty 30 Chronicles. Check out Leitch's feature, which spawned this from his Ten Humans column blog:

If the Yankees get off to a good start this year, you're going to read about 50,000 stories concerning Swisher's "loosening up of the Yankees clubhouse," and while I can't tell you whether that's true or not (thank God), I can say that Swisher's going to do everything in his power to make sure those stories happen.

Insert "Batting 1.000" punchline here.

But wait there's more:

By mid-May, I suspect he'll be dry humping Mariano Rivera's leg.

Rivera's leg, Jeter's girl, A-Rod's mirror ... among other things.