Irvin's got that fireeee! I think...

OH NO! Could this be another domino-type effect not seen since Roy Williams left Kansas for North Carolina, Bill Self left for the Illini for the Jayhawks and Bruce Weber left SIU for Illinois?

Jerry Wainwright, he of the 0-fer record at DePaul, cleaned out his assistant coaches and one can't help but wonder if he'll bring current SIU assistant Lance Irvin into the picture.

You may remember him for coming in as a much ballyhooed recruiter that must have enjoyed the city of Dallas too much to want to end up at a place like Southern Methodist in the first place.

But Carbondale? He just couldn't turn that down, either. Besides he's been pulling in all kinds of talent from his family pipeline, Mac Irvin's Fire. The Fire is an AAU team from Chicago ripe with budding prospects to make boosters drool.


What do you mean he hasn't signed anyone yet? You mean to tell me this guy couldn't secure at least one player for us from that team?


Seriously, what's the hype with this guy. I realize that college sports, specifically college basketball is all about AAU connections.

But usually when you hire a guy who's sole credentials are essentially being a meal ticket for the pipeline to prospects, you actually sign some of those prospects.

Thanks for wasting our time Lance, don't let the door hit you on the way out. I'm sure you'll find another job next year when Wainwright gets canned.

But at least you'll have those connections!