Marbury's Magical Mind

While I am the resident NBA blogger on this site, many do not know I am also a doctor.

Yes, I have a Ph.D in locating and analyzing crazy people, and the NBA has two of them with a very severe case of the crazies. Today, we will look at one of them who goes by the name Starbury. If you could all please look at the photo to the right, we will begin our dissection of the demented.

As you can see, Stephon Marbury decided he would hug a reporter who wrote a column about him over the summer. The column said Starbury was "toxic" to the team and he needed to leave. Marbury said he had a spiritual revelation of sorts during the off-season and would pray for those who criticized him.

My diagnosis is Starbury is going to play the crazy card.

You see, he has already played the my teammates around me suck card, the coach sucks card, the G.M. sucks card, the I'm not one hundred percent card, the I'm not getting treated fairly card, the I threaten to hold out card, the trade me now card, the no one can buy me out card, and even the reverse psychology card.

By playing the crazy card, Marbury has opened a world full of possibilities. One day he may come in as the player who is in touch with his spirituality, like he already did. Maybe he will be the angry guy who threatens to eat a reporter's children. Hell, maybe he roller skates on to the floor during warmups and has John McCain's face tattooed across his stomach.

Either way, it will be another entertaining year from Starbury and I am glad the Knicks have to deal with it.

For as crazy as the man is, he has shown flashes of greatness on and off the court. Despite not giving 100 percent most nights and killing chemistry with teammates, there are nights when he puts his ego aside and fills it up. Take for instance his inspired performance against a very good Utah Jazz team last year when he filled it up for 28 points and six assists to lead the Knicks to a highly improbable victory.

Off the court, he donated millions, not thousands like all the other athletes, but millions to the Hurricane Katrina relief. He also has extremely affordable shoes, which is especially nice for young kids that look up to the stars of the NBA.

At the end of the day, when Marbury is done with the Knicks he could very well be done with basketball. G.M.'s are reportedly interested in the Star, but I doubt they really want to take him. His reputation has outgrown him and pretty much everyone thinks he is a cancer.

So enjoy the craziness this season cause it could be the end. We will have the touching moments of Marbury inspiring his team to a win or donating to a worthy cause, and we will see the insanity of temper tantrums and missing practices.

NBA season can't get here fast enough