STFU, Ned Yost

[Ed. Note: How'd you like that Cardinals post? Yeah, I know some of you who read this want to throw me to the wolves, but hey, let's be fair to the new guy. We all make mistakes, his is being a Cardinals fan, it's not a sin.

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Read on, please, if you'd like to learn why Ned Yost is the initial recipient of the TBDS STFU award.]

I wonder if Ned Yost ever thinks before he speaks.

On second thought, I don't. I already know he doesn't.

Instead of focusing his attention on his team's ever growing lead in the NL Wild Card or even catching the first-place Chicago Cubs, Yost is up in arms over one stinkin' hit.

"He accomplished a no-hitter and wasn't given what he deserved. That should have been a no-hitter.... That's a stinking no-hitter we all got cheated from. I feel horrible for CC."

On top of that, the Brewers are going to make an appeal to the head honchos of MLB to reverse the call. I can't believe it. Nothing says "no-hitter" like getting a call from Bud Selig saying "Hey, CC, you've got yourself a no-hitter. Congratulations."

That moment would likely rank behind Sabathia's Cy Young Award and maybe the day he discovered all-you-can-eat buffets.

As for CC Sabathia, who was masterful over the Pittsburgh Pirates:

“The ball was still rolling, and I probably should have picked it up with my glove,” he said, adding, “I think if I pick it up with my glove, I get him.”

You see that? Sabathia doesn't care! He's got his mind on three things right now: winning, eating and getting a boatload of George Steinbrenner's money in the off-season.

While the rest of Milwaukee is huffing and puffing about the no-hitter that wasn't, CC 's going to continue to mow down the competition until his arm falls off or the season ends, whichever comes first.

You know why? Because he's got his priorities in order.

For crying out loud, Ben Sheets' groin knocked him out of the game against the New York Mets and I bet you Yost spent the majority of his press conference STILL bitching about the Pittsburgh scorekeeper.

And I know there will be a Brew Crew Baller somewhere saying "but he was so dominant against the Pirates..."

You know who else was dominant against the Pirates last week?

Jason Marquis.

Case closed.