South Side in attendance slump

The Chicago White Sox have the best bullpen in the history of baseball, according to Joe Morgan.

The White Sox also have the best right handed hitter today in baseball, also according to Joe Morgan.

Barack Obama says White Sox fans are real fans.

Then why aren't they showing up.

Via Biz of Baseball:

"The White Sox, who have been sitting atop the AL Central, are seeing a decline from an average of 33,141 at this point last season to 30,831 in 2008, a drop of 7.49 percent."

Ouch! And this is a team that is actually good. Unlike last year's team that sucked so much, Jay Mariotti was asking for Ozzie Guillen's head.

Oh wait, that's not news to anyone.

As for their North side rivals, the Cubs, they are one of eight teams that are getting more people to the park.

So how do we get people to "The Cell?"
  1. Finish construction on the Dan Ryan. They've been working on the Ryan since I was a toddler. There are still fans stuck in traffic hoping to see the Sox clinch the 1993 AL West. Someone get them caught up.
  2. Tell people it's the North Side. Idiots will believe anything. Import booze, bimbos and bars from up North and no one will tell the difference after a few drinks.
  3. Give the people Harold's Chicken! My favorite thing about the South Side of Chicago is Harold's Chicken. It's the best fried chicken in the world. Wrigleyville might have all the hot bars, but I'd go to more White Sox games if I knew that there was a strip of Harold's Chicken shacks lined up on 35th street waiting for to cook my six-wing dinner.
In fact, I might have to take the six-hour trip north to get some. Be back soon!


Anonymous said...

you are looking at a drop because of season ticket holders --- aka band wagon jumpers ---- leaving after a shitty 2007. Sox fans don't support a bullshit product unlike the tourists on the North Side.