It's the end of the world as we know it?

If you're sick of Cubs fans writing about the end of the world, don't click away just yet.

This is not your normal Billy goat, black cat, Bartman post. In fact, that is the only mention of that crap in this post.

But apparently, the world might end soon because some nerds want to try to recreate the big bang theory. Stupid! This is why guys like that get dunked in toilets and thrown in trashcans as soon as they step into high school.

Maybe this is their revenge.

And to think, I'm sitting here looking forward to seeing the Cubs actually compete deep into October and the world is apparently going to end. I was under the impression that I had four years to celebrate a World Championship.

Now the world wants to come to an end.

Go figure.

As for the odds, there's a part of me that's not buying this. The left side of my brain is telling me that all these guys want is attention, because girls and their parents never gave it to them. The right side of my brain says 'hey we survived 8 (!) years of President Bush - this can't be that bad.'

I don't know how you'll spend the next two days, but I'm looking forward to that Big Ten coaches conference call on Tuesday.

Plan accordingly

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