State of the Cardinals (Plus my introduction)

So I should probably begin my first blog with an introduction of myself. 

My name is Stile Smith a.k.a. the SalukiOrphan. I am a Centralia, IL native and I'm a newbie on the staff of the Daily Egyptian at SIUC.

OK, now that we're done with the boring stuff we can get to what everybody actually cares about...the St. Louis Cardinals! 

Yes, things might be looking bad right now but things can always make a turn for the better when the two teams ahead of you are notable choke artists the Chicago Cubs and Milwaukee Brewers.

There is basically no hope for the division crown. They're 11 games behind the Cubs with just a month left to play. Although they are currently 6.5 back of the Brewers as the Cardinals hold a 5-3 lead over Arizona as I type, this race is not over yet!

As my fellow blogger Luis has pointed out many times before, Ned Yost is one of the most incompetent managers in the history of baseball. Let's be honest here, the man is an idiot. As long as he is leading the way of the Brew Crew, The Birds have a chance.

In other Redbird news, Albert Pujols is currently battling Atlanta Braves third baseman Chipper Jones for the NL batting title and currently leads Chipper .364 to .358. Albert's consistency has played with all season leads me to believe he will come out on top.

Albert's continued dominance of National League pitching has to make him one of the top candidates for the NL MVP, right?

My vote says yes. 

Chase Utley is having a good year (.293 31 HR 87 RBI) and teammate Ryan Ludwick has played just as well (.301 32 HR 98 RBI), but in a season where no player is truly dominant, the award goes to Albert. Right?

Plus, he deserves one for all the trophies he got screwed out of during the Barry Bonds Era, when Bonds got the awards that rightfully belonged to Pujols.

That's all I've got for today ladies and gents. Hope you enjoyed.