Dear Mo: Can you please get us a bullpen this offseason?

I can't take this anymore. I'll put it bluntly: the Cardinals bullpen sucks.

General Manager John Mozeliak needs to take some of that money they are going to have in the off season and spend it on some help for the bullpen.

I'm not going to put it all on Mozeliak's head because this also has something to do with principle owner, Bill DeWitt, Jr.

I don't think he's supplying Mo with the proper funds he needs to make this team into a true title contender.

So my message to DeWitt is simple: Quit being so damn tight with your money!

This city has some of the best fans in baseball. You have the money to allow our GM to go our and get some bullpen help (I wouldn't mind a shortstop, as well, but I'm not gonna ask for too much.)

So Bill, let him do it.

This team has the potential to compete for a World Series as early as next year. If DeWitt would stop being so tight and if Mo will do his job, that goal can be accomplished.

That's all I've got for today. I think you've heard enough of my ranting.