The Weekender

The Weekender is a blog with links to things you should read while spending time at your computer over the weekend while I'm spending time away from it.  Must read links after the jump.  Oh, and pretty girls, too.

On to the linkage:
  • St. Louis returns to the ranks of being a two-paper town, and here's a good interview with the new sports editor.
  • My second favorite KSK segment. I miss Sexy Friday.
  • The anti-FAIL blog. Success!
  • Here's a story that involves Dwight Howard's magic stick.
  • No more predictions for the Denver Post ... must have been getting burned by the Broncos.
  • Is this story about La Russa or Stallworth?
  • Staying with Criggo, "dad" must have been gettin' it while he was a youngin'
  • Why SIU > U of I 
  • I really think JaMarcus Russell crapped his pants here.
And more Raider fail.

Mike Leach doesn't like losing.  And he hates your fat girlfriends.

And the weekender ... yes!