Spygate: Is it over yet?

Yesterday, more videos were leaked by former New England Patriots video assistant Matt Walsh. These videos revealed more of the 'Patriot Way,' which evidently includes the oppositions signals, following plays, down and distance and time remaining.

It was pretty damning evidence, to the point where SportsCenter aired a special with Cris Carter and Mark Schlereth dissecting the video.

After seeing the videos, the question of the day is as follows: should the NFL levy more punishment on the Pats?

I, for one, was stunned to see the kind of video provided by Walsh. It's hard enough to stop Tom Brady, but when he knows what kind of package you're throwing at him it's got to be harder.

Maybe, in an effort to punish the Pats (and set a standard for the rest of the league that this type of cheating would not be tolerated) the league should strip the Pats of a first round pick in 2009, a second round pick in 2010 and a third round pick in 2011.

Spread the punishment and show them who's boss. Because if it was Pac Man Jones shooting the video, the Pats would probably be banned from the NFL.

Instead the NFL likely won't do anything, because, um, well, I don't know why they wouldn't.