This is a hell of a way to end a short week of blogging. I'm going on vacation and will be away from my computer 'til at least Monday. But don't worry, I have stuff in the can that will be unleashed beginning next Tuesday. Hopefully.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to put out my unique spin on the Bulls coaching search which would have netted the team (presumably) its first player-coach, Michael Beasley.

Topics that might be touched on are as follows:
  • Where has Mark Prior gone?
  • Chicago's Olympic Hopes
  • Sleeping with the enemy (like when you're most hated rival joins your favorite team)
  • The statistical anomaly that was the 2005 Chicago White Sox
  • And hopefully a preview of the Crosstown Classic
That's it. I'm gone to pack. Take care! Maybe Hartwig or I Am Legend will grace you with some insight while I'm gone.

That's only if you behave yourself.