World Series Buried Lead: FOX Sports Chicago

(The Big Dead Sidebar will try to provide readers with a buried lead before each and every World Series game.  This is the second installment in a series.)

In an effort to pull in a third large market for the World Series, FOX Sports will present the World Series through the eyes of some of Chicago's most popular players and managers.  At least, that's my theory ... and I'm sticking to it.

And, really, who wouldn't want to appease a city like Chicago?  It is the home of great food, great nightlife and great sports fans.

Mark Grace is a Chicago icon on and off the diamond.  The three-time All Star and three-time Gold Glove winner was the last impact position player the Cubs have brought through their minor league system.  He led the 1990s in hits and posted an underappreciated .308/.386/.445/.832 line in his 13-year career in Chicago.  It was a career that came to an unceremonious end thanks to Andy MacFailure constant drinking of Haterade.

Off the field, Grace coined the term "slumpbuster" and is a legend in the Wrigleyville bar scene.

Now that he is in the broadcast booth, Cubs fans have pined for him to make his return but is currently blocked by Bob Brenly.  And thanks to new ownership, Grace's return could be more likely than ever ... once Brenly takes his next managerial job.

Knowledgeable and witty, Grace is an ace of FOX Sports' analyst staff.

Eric Karros will always be remembered for slamming Jose Acavedo's first pitch over the left field wall in the epic Kerry Wood vs. Roger Clemens match-up.  Of his 12 home runs that season, that effort might have been the most important.  Karros also owns an inside video of the Cubs' 2003 playoff run -- none of which has seen the light of day since the team fell apart in the NLCS against the Marlins.

However, Karros will always be more remembered for his Dodger career.  He is the team leader in home runs with 270.

Several people have asked me how Ozzie (Bleepin') Guillen got a spot on the World Series analyst crew.  It's very simple ... it's FOX.  Why did they have three seasons of Temptation Island?  Because FOX hopes a trainwreck can bring some new eyes.

And if all else fails, Ozzie will probably get a swear word or two pass the FOX sensors.

Am I the only one who is looking forward to a confrontation between former White Sox first baseman/outfielder/pick-up artist Nick Swisher and his former boss, Ozzie Guillen?

Joe Girardi is a great story of how one can overcome being an ex-Cub.  Girardi spent seven years with the big club, but went tot he Yankees and won four World Series titles.  He caught Doc Gooden's no-hitter and David Cone's perfect game.

As a Cub, his most memorable moment was delivering the "Daryl Kile is dead" speech to 40,000 fans at Wrigley Field on June 22, 2002.

He was runner-up to Lou Piniella as Cubs manager.  And I'm sure he's thankful for it each and every day.

When it comes to the Ex-Cub factor, it looks as if we've got a dead heat.  The Phillies have four former ex-Cubs with Paul Bako, Matt Stairs, Miguel Cairo and Scott Eyre on the ballclub.  The Yankees have four as well with Girardi, Eric Hinske, Jerry Hairston Jr., and Chad Gaudin.