Rebuilding The Cubs: A Challenge Proposed, A Challange Accepted

I was recently challenged by a friend/reader to rebuild the Cubs.  It’s not as if that is a new concept to me, seeing that I’ve played this game on PlayStation, PlayStation3, XBOX and XBOX 360 many times before.

The catch is to do it fairly.  It won’t be like in video games where I can outsmart computer GM’s that don’t appreciate young talent.  Instead, I’ve been challenged to do so taking into consideration that I won’t be able to hold up opposing general managers at gunpoint and acquire Jose Reyes for Aaron Miles and Milton Bradley.

I have until Nov. 1 at 1 p.m. to post it.

Starting Point: The Cubs’ Opening Day payroll was $134,809,000.  The Cubs have $16.5 million coming off the books in 2009 when they wipe away Rich Harden, Kevin Gregg, John Grabow and Reed Johnson’s contracts off the books.  I’m also being given $10 million to work with as a $10 million payroll bump to approximately $144 million seems reasonable given how much money the Cubs bring in.

Those are the details.  What are the chances of this getting done?  Do the Cubs fans who read TBDS have faith in someone who has enough time on his hands to accept such a challenge?