The Weekender: Michael Jordan Edition

When the Daily Dosage was in full swing, I used to put a picture of a pretty girl to lure you into the content.  Not today.  Not when Michael Jordan is going into the Hall of Fame.  Pretty girl after the jump?
Ha! Made you look!

Here are the Jordan-related links:
  • I've owned, eaten or drank nine of the Top 10 Jordan endorsements.
  • Despite delivering a ridiculous amount of unfound rumors, shout out to former Trib hoops scribe Sam Smith who put out two outstanding Michael Jordan features.
  • It never had a name, but "The Sequence" seems fitting.
  • Jordan couldn't hit a curve ball, but he did hit a double at Wrigley Field. Trust me, I was there.
  • Souvenir City takes us back through the greatest shoe line in the history of shoes.
  • M. Jeff isn't on Twitter, but he nears the top of its Trending Topics.
  • The Mike Jordan of rap, Jay-Z, dropped the Blueprint 3 today. I got the leak. It was good, not great. Kind of like Jordan after coming out of that baseball retirement thing.
  • There will never be another Mike. Ever
  • Kobe? No, but it's a good read.