Have your say about his personality ...

... but I have no doubt in my mind that Ricky Rubio will indeed be a top notch NBA basketball player, even if it doesn't end up being with the Minnesota Timberwolves.
Yes, Rubio has eye popping highlight films that make him look like "La Pistola," but it's his demeanor that will set him off from other NBA basketball players.
Rubio is a guy who understands that, as the point guard, it is his job to keep the other four guys on the court with him happy.
"Basketball isn't one-on-one," Rubio said. "It's five-on-five, plus the bench."
If you are an effective basketball player in the Spanish ABC League at age 15, you can play basketball. Not only was this guy the youngest player in the league, but he was also the youngest player to play in an Olympic gold medal game at the age of 19.
Anyone who saw Rubio hold his own in that game against bonafide NBA stars Chris Paul and Deron Williams has to realize that this guy is the real deal.
In his blog, LUDAMEISTER criticized David Kahn for drafting Rubio and Jonny Flynn with back-to-back selections. In my opinion, that was the best decision he could have made.
There were no two guards or centers available at either of those slots who was worthy of that pick, and drafting a forward to sit behind Kevin Love and Al Jefferson would have been pointless.
A few things happen with Rubio playing two more years in Spain. Remember, he's only 19 right now, so he will be just 21-years-old when he finally makes his NBA debut.
First, the kid will have two more years of professional basketball under his belt to mature into a legitimate basketball player. The Timberwolves won't have as much of a responsibility to help this kid grow up.
The development of Flynn will play a huge role when Rubio makes his return. If Flynn turns out to be a good NBA point guard, Minnesota will either have two solid point guards, or they will have top notch trade bait in Rubio.
If Flynn turns out to be a bust, they have the 21-year-old Rubio coming in with multiple years of professional experience under his belt to take the starting point guard position in Minnesota and right that ship.
If Rubio can develop a 3-point shot while he's in Spain, that will only further enhance his stock once he comes into the NBA.
For now, you can take your mind off the young prodigy. But in two years, watch out NBA fans, Ricky Rubio is coming to an arena near you.