Chicago Football Has Moved Into The 21st Century. Thank You Jay Cutler.

Kyle Orton, your Broncos are 3-0 and I'm really happy for you (not) and I'm gonna let you finish. But Jay Cutler had one of the best game-winning drives of all time!

OK.  Maybe not.  And while it would be totally wrong to anoint the Chicago Bears as Super Bowl champions now, there are some facts that just need to be said aloud right here and right now.

There is no doubt in my mind that Rex Grossman would have thrown an interception during that fateful fourth quarter drive.  Kyle Orton would have made several underthrown attempts to make pass completions only before fumbling away a game-winning opportunity like he had taken several shots of Jack Daniels while the Bears were on defense.

Make no mistake about it, Jay Cutler won this game.  And to think, one brave NFL prognosticator said Cutler would throw three TD passes against Seattle in Week 3.  Um, yeah.  I'll be taking your praise in the form of cash, credit, check or full frontal-nudity.

If Orton or Grossman is under center, there is no way the Bears score their first touchdown because they would have sent Robbie Gould onto the field for the safe three points.  Real NFL quarterbacks make those passes.  Not average QBs like Orton.  Not flashes-in-the-pan like Grossman.

Legit NFL signal callers make those kinds of plays.

And that is why I'm happy to be a Bears fan after the team's 25-17 win against the Seattle Seahawks.