Jay Cutler, Bears Prevail In Denver

Cutler: I caaaaan't heeeaaar yooouuu!!!!

If you asked any football fan who they would prefer as their starting quarterback if their choices were Jay Cutler and Kyle Orton, I'd predict that 90 percent of the poll's respondents would pick Jay Cutler.

No wonder Denver Broncos fans booed so lustily last night.

Oh well.

Denver, you're stuck with Kyle Orton, he of pedestrian career numbers which eerily resemble the dearly departed Rex Grossman.  Brandon Marshall is suspended and Knoshown Moreno is injured.  Orton claims he's got weapons he's never had in Chicago -- but it's looking now like he's a few bullets short of a full chamber.

Then there's Cutler, who bitched, babied and bullied his way out of Denver and into Chicago.  Signs are pointing upward for the Bears, and not just because their quarterback doesn't suck anymore.

Cutler saw his touchdowns and passing yards go up after his first year as a full-time starting quarterback.  And with a schedule that will include games against Detroit (twice), Cleveland, Cincinnati, San Francisco, Seattle and St. Louis, the sky might be the just the beginning (not the limit) for Cutler.

The Bears have two solid tight ends (no homo), a star-in-the-making at running back and an up-and-coming speed-burning wide receiver.  No, the Bears offense will never be confused with one of those mid-90s Dallas Cowboys squads or the Patriots from a few years back, but Chicago might actually have its offense outscore its defense once in a while.

In the end, if the Bears go on to win the Super Bowl, there is one question that desperately needs to be asked.

How much credit does Josh McDaniels deserve ... and what's his ring size?