Cutler Era Has Begun (sort of!), But Funny That It Comes Day After Orton's Debacle

Chicago Bears Training Camp

Has there been a more exciting start to the Chicago Bears preseason? Granted, the Cubs and Sox are still barely hanging on to solid playoff hopes, so the focus in Chicago should still be on the diamond. Yet, with all the talk surrounding the Bears' trade for Cutler, there must be plenty of focus on their first game tonight in Buffalo.

Plus, things are falling into the Bears' laps right now. Terrell Owens is out for this game with a toe injury, so the attention of the NFL is going to be on Cutler. Thank goodness...isn't a reality t.v. show for Owens enough?

Also, look at Kyle Orton's game last night with Denver. Orton, traded for Cutler in the offseason, threw three interceptions in four series. He has already received boos from the crowd during training camp, and if the game was in the Mile High City as opposed to San Francisco, there would have been plenty more hateful remarks coming his way during the game .

That horrible start sets up Cutler and the Bears pretty well. For one weekend, at least, a good Cutler performance in the first quarter will make everybody feel the trade was in Chicago's favor.

There are a few things that may get in Cutler's way. Does he have someone to throw the ball to? Apparently, guys like Earl Bennett have performed well and Devin Hester has developed. We will see how that goes tonight in Buffalo. Is the O-line ready to improve? Plus, the Bears remain a running team. I would hope that the offense does not revolve solely around Cutler because someone named Matt Forte may have a breakout year in the backfield.

Either way, this should be fun. Maybe the name Sid Luckman will go away, as the Bears finally have another QB that everybody loves and admires. We'll see how it turns out, but one thing is for sure. Yes, it is preseason and it will always be preseason, yet the excitement is still there going into tonight's game.

There may have also been some excitement in Denver, but after last night, it may not be for Orton anymore. Chris Simms is waiting for the starting job with the Broncos. Jay Cutler certainly has that job in Chicago.