Power Rankings: Break Time

Every week yours truly presents power rankings until a better segment comes along. That's just how I roll.

1. Road Trips. When you're a twentysomething, it is hard to find anything more entertaining than a road trip. Especially when it culminates in a sporting event between chief rivals. As for most road trips, some of its aspects are unmentionable and will go to the grave with certain details. But for the most part, everyone involved with this weekend's festivities will be telling stories from the trip for a long time.

2. Road Beef. Road Beef: It's What's For Dinner! /slogan'd

3. "Becky." This week's urbandictionary.com entry of the week as surfaced by rapper Plies and made mainstream by Fox Sports columnist Jason Whitlock.

4. Twitter. Twitter has been used to give updates on what you're doing, or in Rich Eisen's case, who he wishes he was doing. But nothing beats trash talking via the social networking micro-blogging tool.

5. Moneyball Movie. It's getting done. Yesss! Hell yes!!!

6. Tony LaRussa Jokes. When your team is down 8-3 and the Cubs are as lifeless as one of those Viagra guys (pre-treatment, of course) there is nothing better than trashing TLR.

7. M.J. Hartwig. TBDS co-founder has been on point this week with everything he wrote. Everything.

8. Cussing. You people act like this whole "Yes! Hell yes!" thing represents the first time he's ever cursed on air. Remember the whole "this is B.S." rant from 2007?

9. Birthdays In July. July Birthdays > Every other month's birthdays. Fact!

10. The All-Star Break. The ASB should allow yours truly and the other baseball scribes here to put a quality assessment on their ballclubs. And, it allows me to use the mute function on my television or throw on my favorite baseball movies rather than watching an over-hyped exhibition baseball game.