Half way through, three-headed monsters for everyone!

Just about every division with the exception of the NL West is up for grabs. Want more drama? Every division is a three-horse race that should last till the end.

The only bad news?

Not a whole lot should be happening during the trade deadline.

We are officially at the half way point of the 2009 MLB season and nothing seems etched in stone other than the fact that the Los Angeles Dodgers will repeat as a playoff team.

For the hell of it lets revisit my preseason predictions and see where I went right or wrong:

AL East: I called the Boston Red Sox as my team here and it seems like the right pick so far with a one-game edge on the New York Yankees. To be fair you can't really pick a bad team here as even my dark horse candidate, the Tampa Rays, are only six games behind in the standings.

A-plus for this prediction

AL Central: Again I predicted a close race with the Chicago White Sox edging the Minnesota Twins for the title again. While the White Sox are only 2.5 games back of lead and a half-game back of the Twins I didn't see the Detroit Tigers holding down the division for as long as they have this season.

My dark horse candidate of the Kansas City Royals was way off but the fact that the White Sox are close to the lead should warrant a grade of C for this prediction.

AL West: I picked the Los Angeles Angels to rain supreme again and after a horrific start to the season filled with tradegy and struggles both on and off the field, the Angels are currently tied with the Texas Rangers for first-place. Because of their financial flexibility the Angels should be able to secure the division for good in the second half.

My dark horse pick knocks my A grade to a B-plus because the Oakland A's have been terrible the entire season.

AL Wild Card: In what was a layup call, I chose the Yankees to capture the last playoff berth in the AL.

With a three-game lead I'll give myself an A-minus only because I was drunk on the A's Kool-Aid for a wild card berth again.

NL East: Couldn't have called this one any worse with a pick of the New York Mets here. Sure the Mets are only four out in the division, tied with the Atlanta Braves for fourth-place but they've just been terrible lately. With Johan Santana struggling and Jose Reyes and Carlos Delgado aching, this could get worse.

I'll give myself a D-plus grade here because I picked the Florida Marlins as the dark horse candidate and the fish are only one-game back of the Philly Phillies (that was fun to write).

NL Central: Like a dope I picked the Chicago Cubs to win a third straight division title. Currently, the St. Louis Cardinals are leading the division after my dark horse pick (Milwaukee Brewers) crapped the bed. There really isn't a bad pick here with the Cubs, Brewers and Cardinals all within less than three games of each other.

That being said, I'll give myself a C-minus because I predicted the Cubs to run away with the division...(hardly).

NL West: Nailed the Los Angeles Dodgers pick here and doubled up with my dark horse choice, the San Francisco Giants. The Giants are in the driver's seat in the wild card race right now (ableit, not by much).

A-plus....great success.

NL Wild Card: I picked the fighitin' Phils here and they are currently leading the NL East so that's wrong. What's worse? I picked the Arizona Diamondbacks as my sleeper team.

Yikes... D-minus.