Dempster DL'd

MLB: JUN 11 Cubs at Astros
Yeah, Ryan, I'd hide my face in shame too if I were you.

Nothing like finding out your $52 million starting pitcher is out 4-6 weeks via a trash-talking tweet.

Either way, Ryan Dempster has been placed on the 15-day DL. Dempster's explanation, via The Trib:

"Sunday after the game I was coming out of the dugout and stepping over the top of the railing there, I was sitting up on the ledge, and I caught my left foot on the rail as I was coming over and it just spun me around and slammed me into the ground. When I did it, I thought I just ripped my nail back on my foot. Unfortuinately, the result wasn't very funny. If you ask Derrek Lee, he thought it was pretty funny, because the first person I saw when I looked up was D-Lee, and he was laughing. I'm sure it looked hysterical from his angle.

"The unfortunate part was my foot, I guess just the way it hit- it came down straight into the ground. Came into the clubhouse and my toenail was ripped back and it was bleeding, and then I thought that was pretty much the end of it, thought I'd just tape it up."

The thing that gets me about this is that it distracts me from the real Cub-related news, which is Chicago native Marc Utay's last-ditch effort to steal the Cubs from Tom Rickett's.

More on that on TBDS Late Night.

As for the on-field news, whether it's annoying Harry Caray impersonations, shaving cream pies to the face or walking everybody and anyone in a road uni in Game 1 of the NLDS, Dempster has been a joke. But this time, it isn't funny.

Maybe this will open the door for a Jake Peavy Roy Halladay trade?

OK, I'll settle for Pedro Martinez.

Dempster Breaks Toe Celebrating Win [Chicago Tribune]