Kobe, Tell Me How My Rap Tastes

By now you know about how great Kobe was and how bad the Magic were last night.

But maybe you're new to some of the hottest new music on the scene. Unfortunately, it's not what you think.

Jay-Z's "Blueprint 3" isn't slated 'til September and this summer is still desperate for that one slamming hip-hop hit that everyone will be playing at 11 on their radios and such.

Last year, it was Lil' Wayne's "Lollipop" that blew out speakers nationwide throughout the summer. This year Wayne's back at it again with a song about ... Kobe Bryant?

I'm pretty sure Weezy's a Hornets fan, or at least he has claimed to sleep with women who sleep with the Hornets. (Seriously, I want that Wayne from Da Carter I back for good!)

In a bizarre video, a woman raps about being Kobe's alleged rapist. This can't be her, can it? This can't be real, in fact, I hope it isn't. Just a misguided attempt at humor. Either way, I'm disturbed so I figure I'd share that with you.

(Hat Tip: The Rap Up)

And the creme-de-la-creme. The Great Shaq-Fu in last summer's second best rap song.