Jamey Carrol Wants No Part Of 'Go Cubs Go'

For what it's worth, former Cubs Kerry Wood and Mark DeRosa had a pleasant homecoming. And by pleasant, I mean, Wood blew a pair of saves while DeRosa received more standing ovations than he collected hits (1-for-7 with 2 RBIs in the three-game set).

However, it is apparent that second baseman Jamey Carroll does not echo those sentiments. See, last season DeRosa and Wood did their part as the Cubbie faithful sang 'Go Cubs Go' after each of the team's 55 home wins.

But after hearing it for three straight days, Carroll has had enough. Via the Trib's Rosenblog:

"Whatever reasons fans had for going to Cubs games in the past, it seems that the big draw now is Cubs karaoke. Everybody wants to be able to sing the song. Not “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,’’ but “Go, Cubs, Go.’’ Said Indians second baseman Jamey Carroll after Cubs fans sang it for the third straight time in the series: “I can do without hearing that song again.’’

If you're not familiar with the song, here's a video at the bottom. The lyrics can be found here. Catch the wave while it's still high, America. (For serious, though, Steve Goodman ... real good songwriter.)

Hendry Goes 2-for-2 As Cubs Go 3-for-3 [Chicago Tribune - Rosenblog]