Is It Too Late To Return The NBA To NBC?

I've been underwhelmed with ABC's coverage of the NBA Finals. I'm still bothered by the fac that Jeff Van Gundy is doing games despite admitting publicly he would be cheering for his brother. Not to be outdone, one of ESPN's basketball experts happens to be Lakers part owner Magic Johnson.

Remember when the NBA on NBC was the premier sports program out there? I do. And I want it to be like that again.

The reasons are simple:
  1. The broadcast team was better: Marv Albert, Matt Goukas, Bill Walton, Bob Costas, Doug Collins, Mike Fratello, Amhad Rashad, Jim Gray, Peter Vescey. Those guys are basketball broadcasting royalty in my eyes. Hell, even Isiah Thomas didn't suck as an analyst.
  2. The pre-game show was better: Hannah Storm hosting the pre-game show "NBA Showtime." The World Wide Leader got a steal with her doing SportsCenter Live in the morning. The only way ESPN does better is if Erin Andrews does it. But kudos to Michael Wilbon for being full of insight and analysis.
  3. The theme music is the best of all time: It's like the Monday Night Football Theme, would you dare take it away?
  4. The court layout: No big NBA Trophy sticker in the middle. Keep the court looking clean, that thing is an eye sore.
  5. Random thought: Better PA Announcers. Ray Clay smokes everyone out of the building, even that guy in Deeeeeetroit, Miiiiiiiiiiichigan. Too bad Clay is relegated to UIC men's basketball.
  6. Fact of life: Michael Jordan on his deathbed is better than Kobe. /ducks
  7. Hype factory: When MJ hits a game winning shot, it means championship. When LeBron does it, it means going to Orlando tied at one-game apiece. /ducks again.
  8. The insanity: Dennis Rodman's crazy habits are much more entertaining than Lamar Odom's sweet tooth habit.
  9. Actual white guys: Back then, it was cool to be an American-born white guy. Hornacek, Stockton > Hedo & Pau.
NBC, it's time to pony up and bring the NBA back to its rightful home.