In Defense Of The Editor

If there is one thing Luis cares about, it is newfangled devices of the interwebs. The kid loves Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr more than he loves booze, baseball and girls. (Well, that explains a lot!) All I've heard about is Twitter this, Twitter that and that everyone in southern Illinois has Twitter because he started it. Well, until Twitter gets him a date, I don't want to hear about it anymore.

So when he writes this story about Missy Tiber joining Twitter, it gets minimal play. Kind of like Luis himself. However, it gets to The Southern and The Message Board Mafia and it's big things poppin' all of a sudden. Luis tells tall tales of Chris Lowery's reluctance to twit or tweet or this or that, but whatever, if he was that close with Czar Lowery he would have scooped the world and been working at the Chicago Sun-Times by now. (He's too good for the Trib as long as Sam Zell is around owning that choke of a franchise.)

Anywhoo, while paroozing The Southern's web site I read something about knockers, which turned out to be a story about Cobden's softball team which won the state championship. Congrats ladies, enjoy your claim to fame and one shining moment when you get taken yard by some chick who plays at Florida or LSU or one of those other SEC powerhouse schools that can afford a new facility when there's dust on the old one.

So, there is this line about Goonies not dying and so forth. Neat stuff if you're a fan of 1980s movies that aren't the Breakfast Club or Ferris Bueller's Day Off. But then I went to the archives to read more about this team because, damn, they won a state championship two years in a row against the same team. You would think a team would be able to make some sort of adjustment after 365 days. Must be following the Washington Nationals scheme of excellence.

In the archives I found the same darn Goonies reference. And if there is one thing Luis always bitches about, it's recycling. He hates when rappers recycline their lines, I hate when "journalists" recycle their own crap. Cool, I get it, you're a movie buff. That and 50 cents will get you a gumball in a machine. If not for Deadspin (also known as this blog's Bible), Rick Reilly would have gotten away with the same thing.