Could Curt Cure The Cubs?

The Chicago Cubs have been searching for another starter for quite a while now. And since the team failed to acquire Jake Peavy, it seems as if it will turn to in-house options like Jeff Spellcheck, Sean Marshall and Aaron Heilman.

But if Jim Hendry steps away from the twelfth Krispy Kreme and refreshes his search browser, he might find something from the Orlando Sentinel:

(Curt) Schilling, who has a career mark of 216-146, said money would not be a major issue. He's looking for a team that has championship potential and has never won a title.

"The challenge would be in a place like Tampa Bay or Chicago," he said.

Is it time to get the bloody rally sock ready? Not quite yet. But if Schill comes to the North Side, I'm gonna ask that we have a blogger's convention.