See you on Valentine's Day

I have never been a fan of Valentine's Day, but for the first time (possibly ever) I am looking forward to February 14.

Am I expecting candy? No. Do I have a hot date? Not quite. Do I have big plans? Kinda.

Feb. 14 would be circled on my calendar had I buckled down and bought a 2009 calendar because it's payback.

Yeah, today's blogs are going to be centered around the world of the SIU-Creighton game. Expect the same when UNC-Duke rolls around. Or when Cubs-Cards gets started in April.

While the Bluejays walked away with the win tonight, they should keep a reminder in the back of their mind that they escaped with a one-point win against a short-handed Saluki crew in their own backyard.

Don't expect the same kind of friendly environment when you roll into the SIU Arena.