The Combust-a-Bulls starring Vinny Del Negro

NBA: JAN 15 Cavaliers at Bulls

The Chicago Bulls are terrible, and if it wasn't for Derrick Rose, I would not be paying any attention to the "professional" basketball team that resides on the West Side.

Ben Gordon's a nice player and should be on the Bulls next year only because he can score the basketball. Kirk Hinrich is a scrappy defender with good intangibles and all that other good stuff NBA analysts on ESPN say about white players. Drew Gooden is a 12 (point) and 8 (rebound) guy who has a spot on an NBA roster.

After those guys and Rose are safe, blow it up. Blow it all up. With Vinny Del Negro, John Paxson and everyone else involve in the suckfest that is "Da Bulls."

In tonight's episode of suck, the Toronto Raptors (a team I haven't cared about since Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady skipped town) outscored Chicago's kids 23-4 in the last 6:19 of the fourth quarter.

D-Rose played a role in all four points, of course. Rose dished a dime on Luol Deng's jumper to make it 94-92 with 5:22 to go.

The Raptors scored the next 18 points before Rose knocked down a pair of free throws.

Ouch, babe.