The people I want to meet in New York City

My final pre-game post for the night focuses on the people I want to see during my stay in New York City.

  1. Alex Hitchens. Apparently, he's good at matchmaking and I could use his advice while in the Big Apple, and beyond.
  2. Ivanka Trump. She's hot!!!!!!!
  3. Wolf Boy. A.K.A. me before shaving.
  4. Agent J. Drives a 1970 Ford P.O.S. that can fly. His partner, Agent K, can be a pain, but that's what partners are about.
  5. Spike Lee. Reggie knows him very well.
  6. I heard a crazy rumor that Dean Smith (the UNC legend) was here tonight. if so, I want to meet him.
  7. Hal Steinbrenner. We'll start the bidding at two years, $16 million and see what know he's the new boss, right.
  8. Jay-Z. I'll drop a few bars with the best rapper alive before hitting the 40/40 Club.
  9. Derek Jeter. Because his leftovers are all 10s.
  10. Eddy Curry, because he's a fat guy. And everyone loves fat guys.
That's all from here, folks. Keep it real.