TBDS Presents: The Best Week Ever ... In Review

Happy Halloween ladies and gentlemen. Have as much fun as you can this weekend. And of course I suggest that you do it responsibly!

This was another good week in TBDS history as the NBA season got under way. I also was able to go to MVC Media Day in St. Louis. We shot a video from there, but it didn't make the cut. I hope to shoot a video from the SIU/North Dakota game on Saturday with the help of my trusty assistants.

I'm sure you want to see more of these costumes. I don't blame you, so here is where I got this one from.

I'll be blogging from the SIU/New Orleans swim meet tonight at the SIU Rec Center pool. I'll also be Tweeting from there, so you should definitely check out the sidebar because yours truly will be poolside.

And of course I'll be Tweeting from the pressbox of the SIU-UND game as well. And like I said, hopefully we'll have a video, too.

Well, I'm out of weekend updates for ya. Stay safe, America and enjoy the week in review!