"Make history or we're history"

Remember in the movie 'Fever Pitch' starring Jimmy Fallon where the Boston Red Sox were down 3-0 to the New York Yankees in the ALCS and Fallon and Drew Berrymore got together and then the Red Sox came all the way back to win the AL pennant and eventually the World Series?

That's the kind of storyline the Chicago Cubs are going to need in Hollywood and it all starts tonight.

Because this is Hollywood people, where dreams come true. Where hookers become housewives. Where actors become political figures. And where the Cubs are World Series winners.

The point is that anything is possible, even though everything isn't probable.

While many Cubs fans have packed it up and called it a season, I'm not ready to just yet. Believe me, I wanted to do so on Thursday night as I sat in Buffalo Wild Wings in Carbondale as Cardinals and White Sox fans rejoiced as the Cubs booted their chance to even the series at 1-1.

However, I just couldn't do it. Why? Maybe I like pain and suffering.

Or it could be the idea that if the 2008 season was truly meant to be a historical season that the Cubs would have to do something historical.

It's not like this hasn't happened before.

The Cubs won three games in a row many times this season. In fact, the Cubs won three-in-a-row against the Dodgers earlier in the season.

Oh, but the Doubting Thomas in you wants some playoff examples. Well, look no further than the Chicago Cubs.

In 2003, the Florida Marlins won three consecutive games (two on the road) to take themselves from the brink of elimination to an NL pennant and eventually the 2003 World Series title.

How about 1984 when the Cubs took a 2-0 lead into San Diego just to see Steve Garvey and the Padres snatch victory from the jaws of defeat with three straight wins against the Cubs.

How about the 2001 New York Yankees having to beat Oakland's Big Three to take the ALDS after being down 0-2.

How about the 2003 Red Sox that did the same thing to Oakland.

This isn't rocket science people, it's baseball!

Playoff baseball!

97 wins doesn't mean a thing without the ring and I think everyone realizes that.

It's time to write a true Hollywood ending.