I'm not the only one who's pissed about this

Photo credit: The Chicago Tribune.

Looking for a new point of view on this whole Cubs collapse thing? I'm glad I can help. Thus, concluding Black Friday.

Here's hoping I don't have to do this again next year.

I'm Done: I'm done with Lou!!!!!! Taking the pressure off yourself and putting it on your players. I'm done with you Lou!!!!!!!!! I hate you!!!!!!!! I'm done with you Aramis and Soriano!!!!!!!!!! You are not men.... You don't know what being clutch is. You're are a couple of choke artists. I hate you both. I will not acknowledge anything you do during the regular season. I'm done with you Fukudome!!!!!!!! You piece of shit.. Free agent bust!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Worst free agent since Tood Hundley. You make Jaque Jones look like Ted Williams. I'm done with you Cubs convention!!!!!!! I've already cancelled my room. I'm done with it!!!!!! I'm done until they win a playoff series!!!!! I'm done with MLBTRADERUMORS.COM. I'm done with it!!!!!! I could care less what they do in the off season.. I'm done with Hot stove baseball talk!!!!! I'm done. The only thing that matter is October.. I'm done!!!!

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F$%& The Cubs, F$#* The Culture of Losing, F#*$ Manny Ramirez, F#*% Aramis Ramirez, And F@#& You: The headline says it all, doesn't it?

[Not Qualified To Comment]

Not With A Bang, But a Whimper...Again: Pathetic. Just pathetic. The Cubs aren’t a kicked dog. At least a kicked dog has a chance of putting up a fight. They’re a goldfish, gasping for oxygen and flopping on the floor after flinging itself out of its bowl because it tried to reach the stars. They’re a turtle on its back, flailing its legs and roasting in the hot sun after trying to climb a mountain. They’re helpless, heartless, and hopeless .... I don’t know. I’m still pissed. I’m embarrassed. I’m disgruntled and disillusioned. I’m not going to pretend to swear off the team. I know I’ll recover, and I’ll be excited again in February when pitchers and catchers report. But for now, I’m going to take at least a little break from baseball and the Cubs...

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