Introducing the Bank Shot

So by now you are all familiar with the king of blogs Luis and a kid who thinks the Cardinals are a good baseball team.

(On a side note, I believe the Cardinals are a good baseball team as much as I believe Stile is a real name.)

But allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jeff and I will be blogging about the greatest sport of all time, NBA Basketball. I will also lend my expertise on the subjects of MMA and Boxing if Luis so chooses.

Without further wait let me introduce two people who clearly live for the booze, the boobs and the ballin...Mario Chalmers and Darrell Arthur.

The two former Jayhawks spread their wings and flew a little too high after getting caught with the Mary J during the NBA Rookie Transition program. I say more power to them.

These two fine young players don't need any transition program, they are the national champions after all. What's wrong with enjoying some herbal therapy and the finer sex? Now they have to participate in the program next year and pay a small fine.

I'm sure they have no objections to participating in the program next year however.

The real question is how will they do on the court? (not in court, but I'm sure they will do fine there as well)

After being traded more than Reggie Sanders, Arthur finally landed in Memphis. Perfect fit for Arthur who should complement Rudy Gay perfectly. The forward can score when called upon and cause headaches above the rim for most defenses. If I had to compare him to a player, I would say he is in the mold of a Hakim Warrick. So here are three reasons he will have a good year.

1. He can come off the bench, a role he will gladly accept
2. Play alongside Rudy Gay
3. A perfect size for an NBA PF

Arthur will be a nice player, but Super Mario will be Super Efficient. The guy just knows how to manage a floor and if you lose track of him, he will make you pay. Now I'm not saying he is Chris Paul or anything, but when you have Wade, Marion and Beasley you only need to worry about dribbling a ball. Here are the three reasons while he will be perfect in Miami.

1. Has the basketball IQ to manage a floor.
2. Won't hurt you with turnovers.
3. Will hit the 3-ball that D-Wade is sure to keep kicking out to him on the drive

Well, that's it for my first basketball blog. Next time I write about the NBA I hope it doesn't involve marijuana, but you never know when Josh Howard could pay a visit. Next time I will break down some of the sweet off-season moves and find out who is the winner of the trade game.