ESPN's newest baseball expert: Lil' Wayne?

This post was going to be one of those worrisome posts because ESPN baseball analyst (and overall, genius) Peter Gammons is picking the L.A. Dodgers of the Pacific Time Zone to beat the Cubs in the first round of the NLDS.

It was going to be one of those gloom-and-doom posts talking about how one of baseball's brightest minds is picking against the Cubs, meaning three losses are impending.

Then, a little bit of searching on brought me across an interview with Lil' Wayne.

Yes, the rapper.

Wayne is ESPN's newest blogger, and through the smoke and the sizzurp, Wayne goes off his rocker and predicts the unthinkable:

"I like the Rays but I'm gonna take a shot in the dark here and say the Cubs. This could really be the year after all they been through. I'd pick a song for them, or write one, about triumph. But it's gotta be big for this. It's gotta be a good song."


More reason to hope the Cubs win the series. Can you imagine a 'Go Cubs Go' remix featuring the king of the "reeeemix baaaaby"? I know I can.

Eddie Vedder? Billy Corgan?

Give me a track starring Lil' Weezy and I can guarantee a No. 1 hit single.

Gammons is great, but the Cubs have one of the best rappers in the world on their side.

I hope I haven't tempted the baseball Gods.

In either case, I can't wait 'til Wednesday.